LegiCrowd presented at enet collect

On november 3rd 2020, the LegiCrowd project was presented during an enect collect online seminar.

EnetCOLLECT is a European network for COmbining Language LEarning with Crowdsourcing Techniques that has started in 2017, with a life span of 4 years.

The LegiCrowd project was partially funded through Short Term Scientific Missions under the WorkGroup 5WG5 which aims at devising the application-oriented part of the theoretical framework that relates to (1) ethical questions regarding the involvement of users and the collection of data, (2) legal regulations, and (3) opportunities and models for commercialization. The objective is approached by studying the ethical, legal, and commercial implications of the findings created in WG1, WG2, and WG3.

The presentation can be found here